Monday, June 23, 2008

Engagement Photos

The guy, a fellow World Impact missionary, that is taking our pictures for our wedding wanted to practice for the wedding here are some of them!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Long Over Due!!!

I guess I have failed at "being good" about keeping up with this blog:)

Good news...for those of you who haven't heard!! Manolo proposed to me in April, and we're getting married August 8, 2008!!!! We're busy planning the wedding...God has been so faithful to us and has provided so much help and resources for our big day!! We will be getting married in Burbank, CA and we still are not sure where we'll go for our honeymoon.

We have other exciting news too!! Manolo and I will be leading a new church planting team in the new neighborhood where we'll be living. A couple of weeks ago at the church service at the Watts Powerhouse church they commissioned us to plant a church in a new area. We have an amazing potential team, who we are praying with and we are so excited to see what God does!!! God has given us vision to plant simple, organic house churches and it will be in a neighborhood in South Los Angeles! Please pray with us as we prepare for a new and exciting season!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Manolo and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on Saturday!! I can't believe it's been a year!! Our actual anniversary was on the 21st, but we went out for it Saturday. He brought me a home-made card (which I cried the whole time I was reading it) and some amazing flowers in the morning!! He went to the flower mart in Downtown LA EARLY Sat. morning and picked them out himself for me. What I mean by "picked the out" (for those of you who DON'T live in LA) I mean he put together his own bouquet for me!! 24 red roses and some hot pink gerber daisies and some babies breath (that's what it's called right?)!! He didn't even know that Gerber Daisies were my FAVORITE!!! Their beautiful and I loved them!! We went to Outback for dinner, watched a movie, and then went to ColdStone for dessert! Even though I love Outback and the food was so favorite part of the day was for sure the card he made for me!!

Reflecting over this year with Manolo has made me very thankful for many things and people...but has made me especially thankful for one friend in paticular. She has been super faithful and more available than I think I've ever had a friend be to me...she's committed to praying for me each day, a consistent prayer and accountability partner, and most recently exercising partner!! I remember when it was like three days after she had her little girl, I came to her house and despite all reasons to not have time for me..she STILL made time to talk and pray with me! Thanks Laura for being such an example of Christ to me, and of true friendship! You have taught me so much about what it means to be a woman of faith!

Check out the pictures of my flowers!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Candidate Calculator

Hey!! I just heard about this great website that will help you know which candidate you should vote for BASED on your own beliefs!! It gives you a list of Presidential issues, you mark YES, NO or UNSURE to say whether you support them and also can mark how important each issue is to you. When you're done it tells you which Presidential candidate you should vote for based on what answeres you marked. If you don't know much about some issues you can click on it, and it gives general information on the issue and then a paragraph or more that supports and well...doesn't support each issue. It's great!! Check it out!!

Here's the website:

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another Hollywood "star"

Oh my goodness!!! So today I was doing the normal thing...walking into the juror line to walk through the security area and I heard one of the officers say something to the man who was 2 people in front of me. He said something like, "they got you here too?" "I've seen everything now". My first thoughts were....maybe he is a judge or someone like that.
Then I saw the side of his face...and it looked just like CHANDLER!!! (Okay, yes his real name is Matthew Perry) At the risk of being judged by some of you, I will admit that one of my favorite all- time shows is FRIENDS. So you can imagine my excitement. He started to walk towards the snack bar or whatever its called, clearly disappointed (as he should be), he walked back towards the elevators. When I saw him walking towards the snack place I figured I could play off looking for a I started to follow him, so I could be sure that it really was him. And then not so smoothly pretended like I wasn't actually noticing him/following him!!
THEN we ended up in the same elevator...he was headed to the juror floor, looking grumpy and um...just not very good! Nobody really noticed him, and if they did, no one said anything except that one security guy at the front. It was insane. It's so weird living in LA sometimes!!! Chandler?!?!?!
Okay, and for all you haters, I know he's just a "normal" person and blah blah blah...but it's still fun to see people you normally only see on TV, ok?

Thursday, January 24, 2008


After another three hours of trying to find a "fair" jury...and despite all my efforts of not being picked while still being honest...I got picked. The judge took a few of us to his "chambers" with the two attorneys and the lady that writes everything ask us at a time. It was scary! Maybe now that I don't have the hope that I'll be excused, I'll be more ok with serving. There is one hilarious 76 year old teacher lady is serving at least I'll have her to make me laugh:) Oh yeah...guess who else is serving with me...Abraham Benrubi...he is in Men in Trees...was on ER (as Jerry) movies like Without a Paddle...anyways...he's been in a lot...and I KNEW he was in something...just had no idea what. I thought he was someone from the show "Head of the Class" from way back...and then I thought he was in that show "Night Court"....I was WAY off! So finally today I just asked him:) Recognize him from the picture??

Jury Duty

I always thought that jury duty would be SO fun...until I actually had to serve for jury duty. I almost made it through the very boring, very uneventful day on Tuesday, until about 4pm (about 1/2 before the rest of the room was excused from their jury duty - duties) I was called with a group of 35 people to go to this court room. Only to be told to come in the next day...only to spend three hours to end up in the "alternate" jury seats...being questioned (I was so heart was beating out of my neck!! I hate talking in front of people...) and then LEAVING again STILL having to go back today....and STILL they have not picked a jury. You would think after 3 HOURS they would be able to have a jury. Oh no not yet... I really hope they just don't like my sweater or something today and excuse me for it. The first day...I had a pretty good attitude and was kinda annoyed with all the grumbling...but after the second day...I left the place grumbling. I should be excited about serving my country in this way....right? If only I I'm gonna try and make the most of it...